PENTAX ImageYou are very welcome here. My name is Alessia. I’m Italian. I work as a language teacher and a Spanish/English translator. I have always been in love with books, literature, theatre  and language-related issues. I like writing short stories and theatre scripts.

For passion and for work, I often read articles, books, reviews and blogs mainly in English and Spanish. In my blog, I would like to share my meetings with “creative words”. I hope that those people who are not used to reading articles and books in foreign languages can  appreciate it too. This blog has also become a way to keep track of my readings and thoughts about the books I read or I am going to read.

An open and flexible space dedicated to considerations on  my readings  and to the words that have left a mark on me, have involved emotionally, have touched, taught and, sometimes, saved me. Simple and original as well as effective or obscure words, but never offensive or  bad language.

I believe reading and knowledge can open our mind and help us to be better.

I harbour no pretensions about my writing; creativepalabras is just a pleasant and  passionate appointment with a world where I feel at home. So everyone who comments is very welcoming, it would be an amazing experience to have international conversations.


e.mail: creativepalabras@gmail.com


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