Catherine Dunne – All that I’ve loved

All that I’ve loved is Catherine Dunne’s last novel and my last summer reading too- I have read others novels by the same Irish author.  I also had the honour to meet Dunne some years ago in Italy during a creative writing workshop.  I remember her suggestions for a successfull creative writing process:  passion, patience and professionalism .

As you can see from the picture, The Italian title of “All that I’ve loved” is “Un terribile amore“. Actually, it is not a translation of the original title (it means A terrbile Love) but, perhaps more explicit.


Like in other Dunne‘s  novels, in “All that I’ve loved”  women are the protagonists of the story. Howeverer, while the previuous novels were set in Ireland and particularly centred on domestic Irish life, “All that I’ve loved” has a wider setting including Ireland,  Spain and Cyprus.

In “All that I’ve loved” Calista, the Irish women, and Pilar, the Spanish, live two parallel stories and meet a terrible, wrong love that will upset their life. Their destiny is thretened by the forces of a classical Greek tragedy: passionate love, hate and desire of revenge, error and redemption. Calista and Pilar are struggling against a male world. They can’t but rely on their courage and their will, without betraying themselves.