Charlotte Bronte (1816-1855)

An unpublished poem by a very young Charlotte Brontë was put up for auction in London last week, as reported by the Italian newspaper La Stampa.

Charlotte Brontë (1816-1855) wrote it when she was only 13. The title of the poem is  “I’ve been wandering in the greenwoods” and is dated 14  December 1829. It was written in a small sheet of paper and it is so hard to read that a magnifying lens was required.

Charlotte Brontë’s manuscripts are extremely rare, for this reason the estimated value of the whole collection of Charlotte Brontë’s manuscripts is about 800.000 pounds.

Charlotte Brontë is mainly famous as a novelist:  Jane Eyre (1847), Shirley (1849), Villette (1853). Brontë gave up writing poetry at the beginning of her professional career, when she became identified in the public mind as the author of the popular novel Jane Eyre (1847).