William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

I can’t believe what I read on the newspaper La Repubblica on 31-03-2013 about William Shakespeare. Maybe, it’s my admiration for his works that makes it difficult to accept what some researches of Aberystwyth University in Wales have found out in the  historical archives.  According to this study, William Shakespeare led a double life: besides being a great dramatist, he is supposed to have been a merchant whose business was  not properly within the law.  The researches found that Shakespeare was  also a money lender as well as a tax evader whose economic  fortune increased in a period of femine. The article also explains that Shakespeare was charged with tax evasion in 1598 and with hoarding a considerable amount of grain while the population was suffering severe privation because of the plague.

The research of Aberystwyth University has revealed an unpleasant and unknown profile of this artist that seems to me so incompatible with the great monologues, sonnets, comedies and tragedies he wrote. So,  I still  want to remain sceptical about the result of this study and I prefer keeping the image of  Shakespeare I love and studied .

And you,  have you been disappointed by this “discovery”?