World Poetry Day

Today is the World Poetry Day! Perhaps not so many people know that the World Poetry Academy creation took place in 2001 in Verona.  As explained in the official site: “Actually in this city which gave birth to the Latin poet Catullus, which welcomed Dante and let him finish his “Divina Commedia”, which inspired Shakespeare and which received Goethe, Dickens, Lord Byron and many other writers and artists, it was held the constitutive assembly of the World Poetry Academy” (http://www.accademiamondialepoesia.com).

Juan Ramón Jiménez

As a personal tribute to poetry, I would like post here two poems. The first is by the Spanish poet Juan Ramón Jiménez (1881-1958) who was awarded the Nobel Prize of Literature  in 1956 for his “poesia desnuda” (naked poetry):

 Yo no soy yo   Yo no soy yo
I am not I.
I am the one
Walking beside me whom I do not see.
Whom at times I visit,
And at times I forget.
The one who remains silent, calmly, when I talk,
The one who forgives, serenely, when I hate,
The one who goes where I do not come
The one who will remain upright when I die.
Yo no soy yo. 
Soy este 
que va a mi lado sin yo verlo, 
que, a veces, voy a ver, 
y que, a veces olvido. 
El que calla, sereno, cuando hablo, 
el que perdona, dulce, cuando odio, 
el que pasea por donde no estoy, 
el que quedará en pie cuando yo muera.

Alda Merini

The other tribute is to a famous Italian poet Alda Merini (1931-2009) who was born exactly on 21 th of March 1931

Alda Merini

Amai teneramente dei dolcissimi amanti

senza che essi sapessero mai nulla.

E su questi intessei tele di ragno

e fui preda della mia stessa materia.

In me l’anima c’era della meretrice

della santa della sanguinaria e dell’ipocrita.

Molti diedero al mio modo di vivere un nome

e fui soltanto una isterica


Alda Merini

I tenderly loved some very sweet lovers

without them knowing anything about it.

And I wove spider webs from this and I always fell prey to my own creation.

In me there was the soul of the prostitute

of the saint of the one who lusts for blood and of the hypocrite.

Many people gave a label to my way of life

and all that while I was only an hysteric.