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The famous Spanish writer Javier Cercas will be at the the 19th edition of DEDICA literary Festival in Pordenone , Italy from 9th to 23rd of March. An interesting article by Javier Cercas was published in the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera in which the Spanish writer explains his view about the novel.

I like when, talking about Don Quijote, he says that “Cervantes invented the modern novel by giving it two main rules” .The first rule is that there are no rules for novels, while the second rule is that “novel is the Paradise of irony, meant as a means of knowledge”.  But Cercas goes further in his analyisis and considers that “modernity can be described as the struggle of the irony of a novel against the seriuosness of fanatism”. As a results, irony “is the key which opens the door to the truth”.

DEDICA Festival 2013- in Pordenone (Italy)

DEDICA Festival in Pordenone is a very special literary festival because it  is dedicated each year to a single author only. Last year it was dedicated to Wole Soyinka. in the 2013 edition, there will be a series of events involving different forms of art – readings, meetings with the author, pictures, music and theatre performances – so as to offer the audience an original and in-depth profile of Javier Cercas.

“Tan Lejos, Tan Cercas” (a word pun between the Spanish adjective “cerca”, which means “near”, the  writer’s surname and the Spanish adjective “lejos” that means” far”, so translated the whole sentence sounds like: So far, so near) is the title of the photo exhibition thet the photographer Daniel Mordzinski has dedicated to Cercas.

Mordzinski is well  known as  the  photographer of novelists, as he has portrayed various writers, Borges, Márquez, Cortázar and now it is the time of Cercas.

Something about Javier Cercas: Cercas was born in 1962 in Extremadura, South of Spain. He teaches Spanish Literature at Gerona University and also writes for El Pais. Some of his works: Soldiers of Salamis (2001) set during the Civil War, Anatomy of a moment (2009), The Speed of Light (2005