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Creativity is a word I like, I found  it a stimulating concept and for this reason I chose the adjective “creative” for the name of my blog. And, as a result, I succeded in combining Italian, my mother tongue, and two foreign languages I like and studied, English and Spanish. But there is also a further curious reason for my choice: the adjective “creative”  is written the same and only pronounced differently in Italian and English. In Italian “creative” is a plural female adjective.

The Italian verb “creare” (to create) derives from the Latin and shares the root KAR which appears  in SansKrit KAR- OTI (to create, make) and KAR-TR (who comes up of nothing), in the Greek KRAINO and KRONOS. It is worth noticing that the same root KAR is to be found in the Italian verb “crescere” (to grow). Therefore, in the Greek-Mediterranean origin cultures, the action of creating was referred to Gods exclusively.

So what a “godlike” power we can have, we should deserve it and keep it alive and use it for the best purposes.

I try to nourish my cretivity every day by reading, talking with people who can teach me, by seeing beautiful landscapes and  pictures, playing with my son and, of course, writing.

And you, how do you keep your creativity alive every day?